Admissions Arrangements 2020/21

Behaviour policy 2020/21

Charging policy 2019/20

Child Protection policy Nov 21

Complaints Procedure 2020/21

Curriculum policy 2020

English policy 2020/21

E-safety policy 2020/21

PHSE & RSE Policy 2020 Updated October 2021 plus LGBT+ Statement

Single Equality policy 2020/21

Written Statement of Behaviour Principles 2020/21

Communication Policy 2020/21

Data Protection & GDPR

What is GDPR?

New Legislation is now in force. The GDPR became effective in all EU member states from 25 May 2018. This has affected how schools manage personal data and how this is protected and shared.

 We have updated our Privacy Notices and policies to ensure we are compliant with the new GDPR.

Data Protection Policy (in line with GDPR) can be found here.

Follow the link for more information GDPR

Privacy Notices

Privacy Notice for the School Workforce 

Privacy Notice for Parents and Pupils

Privacy Notice Summary for Pupils

Consent Forms

Upon admission to the school parents and pupils are required to sign consent forms for use of ICT systems and use of photography. These remain valid unless withdrawn by parents however if we intend to change the use of any ICT or photographs you will be informed in writing. If you would like to remind yourself of these forms links to these documents can be found here:

ICT Consent form

Photography consent form

If you have any questions regarding GDPR please contact Mrs Turnbull in the school office.