School day

Governors of all schools set the timings of the school day, using recommendations from the Local Authority, advice from the Headteacher and decisions made after consultation with parents at annual meetings.

Morning Session:                        8.50am to 12 noon (12.10pm for KS2)

                                                   including a 15 minute break


Afternoon session:                      1pm to 3.10pm including a 15 minute break

                                                   (Break for FS/KS1 only)

Children may arrive at school from 8.40am when the playground will be supervised. All Reception and KS1 children need to be supervised by their parents until the doors open at 8.50am.  Breakfast Club commences at 8am and is for Year 2 or above only. 

All children up to Year 5 should be accompanied by an adult both on the way to school and going home. Children will be asked to line up to be brought into the classroom at 8:50am. We actively encourage parents to come into the classroom on a Friday morning to support their children with early morning activities and talk to the teacher until 9am when the registers are taken.  

Registers are closed at 9.00am.  Late arrivals need to be signed in via the school office.  For reasons of health and safety all late arrivals and early departures need an entry made in the pupil absences book in Reception explaining the reason for absence and the time of arrival/departure. 

At 10.30am there is a 15 minute break for all KS1 children.  At 11am there is a 15 minute break for all KS2 children.  There is a teaching staff rota for playground duty. 

Lunchtime is 12.00pm to 1pm for FS/KS1 and 12.10 to 1pm for KS2.  Children can either have school dinners or bring packed lunches from home.  Children eat in the School Hall but during warmer weather they are allowed to eat outside. 

The afternoon session commences at 1pm with registration.  At 2.30pm there is a break of 15 minutes for FS/KS1 pupils.  The school day ends at 3.10pm. 

Collective worship takes place every day. We meet as a whole school 4 days a week at 10.15am and in class on the 5th day. We also hold a celebration assembly each Friday afternoon. During our collective worship we discuss our 5 key values and enjoy singing.

The school year

We are a voluntary controlled Church of England school.  The Local Authority sets the term and holiday dates.  The school year consists of 190 days; there must be a break in the middle of the day which results in 380 school sessions.  Teachers are required to be available on a further 5 days. Please see the Term Dates section for details. 

Standard school year

The six term year has been adopted by Wiltshire Council and proposals provide a fixed Easter holiday, a shortened Summer holiday, two terms before Christmas separated by a break of 1 to 1.5 weeks, and four terms from January.