Homework and reading

Homework is set on a Friday and collected on a Wednesday.


Learning in the home is promoted through Learning Journeys and the weekly activities on the “Try This At Home” board.


Homework develops through the year. Reading and a weekly homework activity which could be Key Words, Phonics, maths or topic related.


Reading, Spellings (set from Term 2 in Y1).

English/ mathematics set on alternate weeks. Other subject areas given regularly when relevant.


All homework is marked and kept by the teachers.   

  • Teachers will keep a weekly homework log. Teachers will talk to parents of children who consistently fail to complete homework to the required standard. Opportunities will be given in school for these children to complete their homework to the required standard;
  • A homework club will be held for invited pupils;
  • KS1 can use the early morning activity time to complete unfinished homework;
  • Each class has its own system of rewards for homework (including regular readers at home).

This is taken from our Curriculum Policy which you can view here.