‘Our children thrive at Bellefield, they go to school happy and come home full of the exciting ways in which they have been learning. As a parent all you want is happy children who are doing well academically, Bellefield is achieving this for us!’ 

Parent of Yr 1 and Yr 4 children, 2015

As a parent you want to know that your children are happy and doing well at school, and we believe that Bellefield provides exactly the right environment for children to flourish. We have a caring, hard working and committed staff; dedicated to developing the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable every single child to enjoy learning, achieve success and become a contented and fulfilled young person. 

Our success is built on the relationships that are made between adults and children, between home and school, and between school and the local community. Knowing our children really well means that we can meet their needs at all times. 

You can find everything you want to know about our school using the links to the right. From admissions information, our lunch menu, homework and reading information through to term dates, uniform requirements and policy documents. If you would like more information on anything on our website please call 01225 753530.