Bellefield CofE Primary & Nursery School

Our Ethos & Values

Through our Christian ethos, we will provide every member of our community with a learning experience at Bellefield Primary School and Nursery which is rich, varied and challenging.


Our School Vision

‘By their fruit, you shall know them’ – Matthew 7:20

This links to ‘Growing together to be the best we can be’.


We have five key values linking to our vision above.   We selected these as a school community from the ‘Roots and Shoots’ materials and other values and key behaviours and the approaches are covered under these headings.  These five key values are the ‘fruits’ by which we are known.  They are:






Our vision is grounded in Matthew 7:20 – “by their fruit, you shall know them”.  We have a theological underpinning that is right for us.  Our shared values are articulated by all. Our school values are ‘rooted’ in Biblical Teaching in Collective Worship. We expect children to serve each other, to cooperate well, to be polite and to serve the common good.

We have high and aspirational expectations for all children regardless of their background or starting points.  We are aware of our children as individuals and are particularly aware of vulnerable children. We seek to eliminate barriers for these youngsters.  Our children ‘bear fruit’ over the 7 / 8 years they are with us. We expect personal and aspirational growth in all children so that they can “grow together to be the best that they can be”. We aim to ensure each member of our community achieves their full potential, is safe, healthy and confident.

The vision is key to all we do and our values underpin our ethos and approach to behaviour, learning and our relationships with one another.  Every child matters.  All children are encouraged and expected to do the best they can in all aspects of their lives – academic, social, spiritual, physical, musical and creative.