Having excellent attendance is incredibly important for a child's education and for their well-being. As such, we promote excellent attendance and expect children to be in school at all times. 

The only reason your child should be away from school is if they are ill. If your child is only under the weather, they should be in school. We will always look after your children and we will call you if we think they are too unwell to be here. If in doubt, bring your child to school. If your child has been ill and they are recovering, they do not need to be 100% before they return. We are happy to administer medication as long as you sign a consent form.

Please try to make medical appointments out of school hours wherever possible.

You should not be taking leave during term time. There are very few valid reasons for doing this. A penalty fine will be incurred if you take more than 5 days (10 sessions) unauthorised leave of absence in a six month period. 

If your child is absent, please let us know. We will ring you on the first day of any absence if you have not contacted us. 

If your child's attendance drops below 95%, one of our Pastoral Managers will invite you in for a meeting. If your child's attendance drops below 90%, the Head Teacher will ask to see you. At 85% we will involve the Education Welfare Service based at County Hall. 

In 2016/17 our attendance was 96.25%.

In 2017/18 our attendance was 96.21%.

In 2018/19 our attendance was 96.21%

Our attendance target is 96.8%.

Although we did not hit our target, our attendance was still well above the national average (95%) for each of these years.

In 2018/19, 19 children had 100% attendance. Three children had less than 80% attendance. 450 sessions (equating to 225 days) were lost due to leave of absence including holiday. 2,685 sessions (1,342 days) were lost due to illness. There were 947 late arrivals (if the average late arrival was 10 minutes, this equates to 25 school days of learning lost during the year).

A Parent's Guide to Attendance can be found here. A Polish version of this document can be found here