Bellefield CofE Primary & Nursery School

Equality and Opportunity

Promoting Equality and Opportunity

Our approach at Bellefield CofE Primary & Nursery School



We aim to provide all of our pupils with the opportunity to succeed through a curriculum that reflects a commitment to equality. To achieve this we will ensure that:


  • The curriculum prepares pupils for life in a diverse society and uses opportunities to reflect the background and experience of pupils and families in the school. Our curriculum drivers in our planning have been specifically identified to address this;
  • There will be opportunities in the curriculum to explore concepts and issues related to identity and equality through our topic based curriculum using historical or geographical viewpoints;
  • The promotion of attitudes and values that celebrate and respect diversity and challenge discriminatory behaviour and language wherever it occurs. This is promoted through our 5 key values in school (Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Honesty and Friendship) which link to British Values.



There is a consistently high expectation of all pupils regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, ability, social background and sexual orientation. Adults in school are expected to be positive role models when approaching all areas of school life including those relating to equality of opportunity.

It is important to identify the particular needs of individuals and groups within the school and to use targeted interventions and appropriate classroom strategies to diminish differences in achievement.

A range of teaching methods is used throughout the school to ensure that effective learning takes place at all stages for all pupils.


Ethos and Culture:

We are aware that all adults including those in leadership are instrumental in demonstrating respect. We strive to achieve a feeling of openness and tolerance which welcomes everyone to the school. The children are encouraged to greet all adults and each other with friendliness and respect.

Reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure access for pupils, staff and visitors (including parents) with disabilities (this not only includes physical access, but takes account wider access to school information and activities).

Provision is made to cater for the cultural, moral and spiritual needs of all children through planning of assemblies, classroom based and off-site activities.

Pupils’ views are actively encouraged and respected. Pupils are given an effective voice through the School Council and pupil interviews are regularly undertaken.

Our school works because of the quality of relationships at all levels.

You can read more in our Equality policy here.