Rowan - Year 5 & 6

14/10/21 - Trowbridge Museum Visit

Rowan class visited the newly refurbished Trowbridge Museum to dig deeper into our local heritage, and discover how our town was involved in the war. We discovered that factories in Trowbridge were involved first in clothes production and then later in making parts for the famous Spitfire planes. We handled artefacts including gas masks, air-raid rattles, and war medals as well as dressed up in authentic clothing, to further immerse ourselves in our WWII topic. Thank you to Mr Burke and his trusty volunteers for a great morning out!

13/10/21 - Contemporary Dance Workshop

4 lucky Year 6s got the chance to take part in a contemporary dance workshop led by professional dancers from the Swindon Centre for Advanced Training. We travelled to the Trowbridge Civic Centre and spent 2 hours learning, choreographing and performing with children from 10 other schools. Check out the short clip and photos capturing our experience. 




29/09/21 - WW2 Evacuation to Devon!

Last week Rowan and Beech class evacuated from the perilous Blitz of London to Budmouth Point on the sunny Devon coast! Their teachers, Miss Smith and Mr Baxter, arrived in style to meet them from the train and each child was billeted by the officer Mrs Jones. Children wore name tags at all times in order to be identified, conducted marching practice and even experienced an air-raid! We wrote letters home to our families to tell them of our adventures, comforted each other with Vera Lynn sing-songs, and cross-stitched war slogans to pass the time. Hopes for the end of the war, but for now...Keep Calm and Carry On!




Class Teacher: Miss Keohane

Class Teaching Assistant: Mr Barnes

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Autumn Term

In Rowan class this term, we will be learning all about World War Two, please click here, here and here to review the topic plans to learn more. 

Our core text this term will be Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll - a beautiful story of two children's evacuation to Devon during the Blitz and the mysteries they solve along the way.

To learn more about the war there are some interesting videos on the BBC website.


Your child will be given a book and a reading record to take home and read every evening. They will need to ensure these are in their bags to bring to school each day.

We will award certificates for 50 and 100 reads (when the reading entry is signed by an adult). The children will also have lots of opportunities to read and enjoy books throughout the week at school.

If your child is a Free Reader they will be a part of the Reading Pro scheme. This will involve them receiving a username and password which will be set up in the coming weeks. In this time the children will complete quizzes to help them choose an appropriate book that they will enjoy from our new library.

Once your child has finished a Reading Pro book they will take another quiz in school to assess their understanding and move them on to the next book.

Homework & Spellings


Homework will be set on Fridays and handed in by the following Wednesday. Homework set each week will alternate between Topic, English and Maths.


Spellings will be set on a Friday and the test will be the following Friday morning. Spellings will be recorded in the blue homework books and you can practise in the book or on separate sheets of paper – as you are Year 5/6s it is now your responsibility to record your practice.


Our PE day this term is Monday - Basketball with Coach Matt. 

Please ensure you have your PE kits in school at all times for other sessions throughout the term.


Please could you ensure that your child has a small, healthy snack for snack time.

They could bring in a piece of fresh or dried fruit, or vegetable (e.g. carrot sticks, cucumber etc).

Please also remember that nuts are not allowed in school due to allergies. Thank you!