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Term 5 is whizzing by! We have been having so much fun and learning lots about the world around us. Kris from 'Tropical Discovery Workshop' visited us with his amazing creatures. We were very proud of the interest the children showed as well as their bravery and care when handling the creatures. Have a look at some of the pictures below. 

Tropical Discovery


In the Nursery, children learn through purposeful play whilst supported by caring and creative adults. The resources and environment both inside and outside are carefully planned to reflect all the areas of the EYFS curriculum.  Topics and themes are planned in response to the children's interests, learning styles and stages of development. As well as following the children's interests 'in the moment', we make sure that they have access to a wide variety of enrichment activities such as visitors, trips out and about, Forest Schools and woodwork. 

We know that it is really important that we work in partnership with parents/carers so that the children can have the best possible experience in Nursery. Please talk to any member of the team if you have a question or email Miss Lillywhite 

We will keep you updated with regular newsletters but please make sure you speak to us if you have any questions. 


 From left to right....Mrs Stone, Miss Lillywhite, Mrs Whately, Mrs James, Miss Heath. 

Nursery staff

Class teacher and Nursery Manager - Miss Bid Lillywhite

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Fi Stone, Mrs Sally James, Mrs Becky Whately and Miss Emily Heath. 

In the Early Years at Bellefield, we nurture the whole child and want our children to develop their skills and knowledge across all of the areas of learning. Click here for a link to the Development Matters document which explains the areas in detail. 

We also work hard to ensure our children grow to be........

  • Happy and engaged.
  • Confident and independent.
  • Curious.
  • Risk-takers and resilient.
  • Empathetic and kind.
  • Confident to communicate. 

Have a look at the photos and spot these characteristics in our amazing children!

Our Amazing Children



Please take a look at our Early Years Overarching Principles here:Overarching Principles - Early Years  /docs/Early_Years_Overarching_Principles.pdf


 Useful links

Please click here for a link to the BBC website, Tiny, Happy People. Lots of ideas to support your child with their speech and language amongst other things. 

Please click here to find out what milestones your child is working towards 

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