Welcome to Hawthorn and Maple Class!


Hawthorn and Maple Class have both Reception and Year 1 children. Our curriculum is child centred, learning through play and exploration.

We work as one team, where the children can learn and play together, having free-flow both inside and outside. 


Our Adults


Class teacher: Miss R Maggs

Teaching assistants: Mrs M Lawson and Miss C Porter


Class Teacher: Miss E Campbell and Mrs N Barnett

Teaching assistant: Miss L Mason

Our Termly Reads

Each term we will focus on six books, building up our knowledge and understanding about each one. Our books for Summer 1 are:

Learning at home

Reading is a skill which is so valuable in life and we would like the children to develop a love of reading. In school we will read with each child at least once a week, building on their pre-reading skills and assessing their phonic skills. We ask that your child shares their school reading book at home with an adult at least twice a week, with each session recorded in their reading record. We aim to change your child's book every Friday.

Homework is set for Year 1 children in Autumn Term 2. This will be set on a Friday and to be handed in the following Wednesday. 


Please make sure that your child has their P.E kit in school, with all items named. Your child should have a plain t-shirt, shorts and daps/trainers. As the weather turns colder, you may wish to provide trousers and a long sleeved top as well. 

Term 5

Hawthorn - Tuesday Gymnastics 

Maple - Thursday Multisports

The classes will swap activities for term 6.


Your child can bring in a healthy packed lunch or order a school lunch. Lunch can be ordered in advance (by midnight the day before) using the ScoPay app.

Our Curriculum

For Reception children we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which is based on learning through play. We also do daily phonics and maths sessions. For Year 1 children we follow the National Curriculum, using a play based environment. 

A few reminders for the year ahead:

If you have any further questions about the year ahead please do not hesitate in speaking to me either before/after school. or alternatively emailing maple@bellefield.wilts.sch.uk or hawthorn@bellefield.wilts.sch.uk 

We really look forward to teaching your child this year as we start to gradually return to normal!