At Bellefield, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum giving every child the chance to build on their strengths and talents and to develop skills in all areas.

We offer a topic based approach, linking as many areas of the curriculum as possible under one umbrella. We believe this gives our children the chance to learn skills in a purposeful and stimulating way. Chris Quigley Key Skills are used to help with planning and to ensure a broad curriculum coverage. Underlying curriculum drivers are considered when planning each term’s curriculum. 

Our drivers are:

1.  Raising standards in reading, writing and maths
2.  Raising aspirations (we call this “opportunities”)
3.  Developing well-being (spiritual, moral, social, cultural and looking at British values)
4.  Developing an understanding of the world around us and how we fit in 

Please use the links to the right to find downloadable curriculums for each individual class for this term. 

A lot of emphasis is placed on rapidly developing skills in reading, writing and maths. 


Sounds Write is the basis for learning phonics in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

Reading Recovery levelled books predominantly PM (from level 0 to level 30) provide the backbone for developing reading skills. Children are continually assessed and move up through the levels as soon as they are ready. We encourage parents to support their children by listening to them read at home regularly.

The new National Curriculum expectations are being addressed in all curriculum areas. 


Writing skills are developed through scaffolded, modelled lessons culminating once a fortnight in the opportunity to write at length to use skills that have been learnt. There is a whole school approach to handwriting and we expect children to present their work to a high standard as well as developing skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Monthly “Bellefield Star Writers” are awarded certificates and pens for outstanding writing.

You can read more about our English policy here.


Maths skills are addressed on a daily basis. The topic usually provides a vehicle for maths skills development. Talk for Maths is an important part of developing mathematical understanding and monthly Star Mathematician assemblies encourage children to explain their thinking in public! Speed Maths skills are developed daily and Times Tables Grids are timed weekly with children being encouraged to improve their speed of number facts recall.


Topics work on a two-year rolling programme. Topics and areas covered by class appear below, click on the relevant link to open the document. 

Termly letters are sent home to inform parents of that term’s topic.

You can find more information about our Curriculum here.